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CB Birthday module with e-mail function




mod_uzbirthdays displays user birthdays on that specific day and, if configured, automatically sends a birthday e-mail to the respective users. Depending on configuration, the displayed usernames are linked to the Community Builder-profile and the age and the online status of the user(s) are displayed.

Since version 1.1, future birthdays are displayed, too. The number of days in advance and the display of the date are configurable.



This module contains german, english and french language files.





Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 and Community Builder with configured birthday field.





E-mails will be sent only, if there is some website traffic. The transmission time depends on the time of the first visit on a day.


Installation and Configuration


As with any other Joomla module, installation is done in the backend via Extensions - Install/Uninstall. Configuration is also done in the backend after selection of the module.

The module will function only, if the Community Builder birthday field is correctly configured. It is cb_geburtstag in the screenshot below.




mod_uzbirthdays creates a database table (#__uzbirthdays), which, because of lacking Joomla functionality, will not be deleted upon deinstallation of the module. If required, remove this table manually, e.g. with phpMyAdmin.





Since version 3.1 the Joomla update function for modules is used. Simply install the new version through the backend. Please, deinstall versions < 3.1 before installation of the new version. The database table will be preserved.

It is strongly recommended to use the newest version.




Of course, donations are welcomed ;-)






Versions and Download


Older versions up to 2.x (total downloads: 1040) are no longer supported. As from now, only versions 3.x for both Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 are available.


Version history:

Version 1.0:  2011-01-30 - Module without display of future birthdays

Version 1.1:  2011-02-13 - Module with configurable display of future birthdays

Version 2.1:  2011-08-13 - Module with extended configuration options

Version 3.0:  2011-08-20 - Modules for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6

Version 3.1:  2011-09-10:

  +    additional text field for characters added to the displayed age (e.g. "years")
  +    optional display of the user's online status
  +    optional line break before list of future birthdays
  +    french language file
  o    improvement of language files
  o    improvements of the database queries
  o    renaming of module files and classes for easier update

Version 3.11:  2011-09-13:

  o    corrected faulty display of 'no birthdays'
  o    removed duplicate entries for users, who are logged-in in the backend and frontend at the same time

Version 3.12:  2011-09-22:

  o    improved age calculation


mod_uzbirthdays J1.5 v.3.12
Version 3.12 - Joomla 1.5
Lizenz GNU/GPL Autor  Datum 20.08.2011 Sprache  Mehrsprachig System  Siehe Beschreibung Dateigröße 12.27 KB Download 3538


mod_uzbirthdays J1.6 v.3.12
Version 3.12 - Joomla 1.6+
Lizenz GNU/GPL Autor  Datum 20.08.2011 Sprache  Mehrsprachig System  Siehe Beschreibung Dateigröße 12.23 KB Download 2744



CB-Tab for DJ-Classifieds


Function creates a tab in the Community Builder profile, showing all the user's ads. Each ad's image (if present), start and end date, short description, hits and status are displayed. The status ist visualized by icons for active, inactive and unpublished status.







Joomla 1.5 with Community Builder and DJ-Classifieds.



Installation and configuration


Installation is done through the Community Builder Plugin-Manager. Except for Tab name and position, there are no configuration options.





Of course, donations are welcomed ;-)






Versions and download


Version 1.0:  2011-02-27


plug_uzcbdjclassifieds v.1.0
Lizenz GNU/GPL Autor  Datum 27.02.2011 Sprache  Mehrsprachig System  Joomla 1.5 Dateigröße 7.93 KB Download 1726